Violent Crime on the Rise

Few communities want to discuss the crime rate increase in the same sentence with President Barack Obama’s prison release program.  The issue is that many individuals released from prison by the President had been there long enough for significant changes to have taken place in the world and especially in the world of crime and how it’s committed.  The increase in violent crime is a direct correlation to these releases because the criminals are going back to what they know and they are pulling in the younger more maliable youth to commit the crimes the old fashion way – brute force.

Data provided by arrest records show that 90% of the violent crime in the first half of 2016 in the West Coast area (inclusive of Las Vegas) was committed by individuals paroled under President Obama’s early release program.  These criminals were not welcomed back into their communities because those communities either didn’t exist any longer or were being run by a much different type of crew.

Criminals in the 21st Century are more sophisticated even if not formally educated to doing crimes electronically and or less violently because the chance of getting caught is greatly reduced and if you do get caught and haven’t been violent your more likely to get a reduced sentence, probation, or no time at all.

Violent crimes are considered socially unacceptable and to have been committed by THUGS.  Although, very violent crimes have been committed by individuals dressed quite nicely, it’s just not viewed the same by the general populous.  The individuals coming out of prison currently at these mass rates have created a sort of backwards phenomenon in that the way things were in the 70’s and 80’s are reoccurring because the older/elderly tough guy is sitting on a porch influencing the young kids who have little or no parental guidance in the late afternoon early even timeframe.  Thus, the more violent crime spree of today!