Unintended consequences of ACA/Obamacare.

Sadly there are many side effects of ACA/Obamacare that are not being reported by the media or anyone else.  Did you know that doctors today cannot get paid by the insurance companies, Medicaid, Medicare, or anyone without doing a few things at each visit.  They need to check your weight, blood pressure, temperature, eyes, ears, or tongue and your pulse.  Also, they must diagnose you with something.  As a result, individuals are being diagnosed with illness they don’t have and/or are being giving prescriptions they don’t need.  Also, specialists like neurologist are now diagnosing 1 out of every 3 patients with Functional Neurological Disorder.  It’s in your head!  Can you believe it.  Here we are in the 21st Century and they’ve resulted to Freudianisms to diagnose patients!  Women are being told on a regular basis now that it’s either in their head, it’s a feminine issue, or fibromyalgia.  WHAT!  Frankly this is quite outrageous and bordering on malpractice.

Another side effect  to ACA is that people who have insurance can’t go to the doctor because they can’t afford to have insurance and pay the deductibles.  Resulting, since January 2017, in a 20% increase of deaths related to influenza.  Yes, the flu.  People of dying from the flu because they don’t want to spend the money they need to survive to go to the doctor. Really.  K5 news in Seattle reported 114 deaths statewide from the flu in January 2017,  97 of them who died were 65 or older!

These are just two examples of so very many that I found.  I meet with a group of individuals, like myself, who can’t find a diagnosis for our ailments.  Perhaps we have a combination of problems that don’t normally go together.

In my opinion, the true loss of healthcare in the United States is the government trying to save a forest without looking at the trees.